Analytics is the reporting and data presentation tool created by Risorsa to provide a complete 360°sales experience. It should not be seen as a Business Intelligence tool intended for the management of large volumes or a use driven by office-based users. Instead, it is a very useful tool to provide the sales force with extremely engaging, user-friendly and usable reports and dashboards that can also be used offline.

retail execution application

Information and reports, available at all times, even when offline

Unlike most BI tools, Analytics allows you to view data and browse reports even in the absence of a network connection. This feature makes it the ideal tool for data analysis by the sales force who can have information regarding sales, turnover, profitability of customers, or products at their finger tips and on the move, at any time and under any working conditions.

The possibility of updating data in real-time

The Analytics calculation engine allows you to have real-time updates of reports and indicators based on the latest activities carried out at the point of sale, thus providing immediate feedback and facilitating the decision-making process.

Maximum integration with other Risorsa Suite modules

Being a proprietary tool, Analytics guarantees maximum compatibility and integration with the other Risorsa Suite modules. Through this tool it is possible to view KPIs and information on promotions, sales plans, surveys and the entire trade process.


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