• Trade Promotion Management

    The best module for integrated and collaborative planning of promotions


The Trade Promotion Management solution is the heart of the Risorsa Suite, as it is able to guide the entire process of promotional lever management, from the planogram definition, basing the comparison on historical data, to the generation of sell-in discounts through effective work-approval flows, up to the verification of the sell-out conditions from a Perfect Store perspective.

The Risorsa Promotional Plan is the best choice for an effective optimisation of the promotional lever both during the strategic definition phase, and during executive activities at point of sale.

Trade Promotion Management

The best Promotional Plan to maximise profits

Organise promotional events, keep track of current or future promotions and distribute assortment discounts, covering seasonality and recurring holidays.

With the module planogram, the planning of sell-in and sell-out activities towards the different brands is much simpler and more precise, thanks also to immediate comparisons with historical data or real-time simulations.

  • The best promotional plan to maximize profits

Predictive establishing of promotional events

With the pre and post evaluation tool, forecast scenarios are generated on different hypotheses of promotions and assortments. It is possible to verify their profitability and calculate the impact on margins and sales volumes. This tool is an essential ally, both during the strategic phase and post-event evaluation, during which profitable promotions can be reused or those that have not generated the desired results can be corrected.

  • The best promotional plan to maximize profits

Collaborative promotion planning

Once the promotional plan has been created the conditions of sale are distributed on the agents’ mobile devices, making ordering easier. The agent then has the option to request extra discounts which in turn must be approved by the office. With this in mind, planning promotions becomes a process both top-down, in a strategical definition, and bottom-up thanks to the feedback and requests from the sales force, which are an integral part of the process.

  • The best promotional plan to maximize profits

Optimisation of Trade Spending

The module allows you to manage promotional investments aimed at the various trade hierarchies that are typical of the Italian distribution market. Together with Customer Sales Planning profitability and customer profitability data, it is possible to plan the promotional investment on concrete data relating to the different hierarchies of the distribution channels.

  • The best promotional plan to maximize profits

Advanced data analysis

Customisable dashboards are provided with drill up/drill down functions to monitor the trends of the promotions on the various customer hierarchies. You can view the various indicators which are useful for a correct evaluation of promotions; volumes, margins, ROI and effect of the cannibalisation of sales.

  • The best promotional plan to maximize profits


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