• Retail Execution

    The solution to achieve the perfect execution at point of sale

    Retail execution


With the Retail Execution module, on the one hand it is possible to plan and manage KPIs to be detected at point of sale and, on the other hand, it is possible to view shelf planograms, fill in questionnaires, attach multimedia material and agree on any corrective actions to be made with headquarters.

Risorsa’s Retail Execution guarantees a rapid and systematic overseeing of the point of sale thanks to image capturing, perfect shelf and digital merchandising tools, and represents the most authoritative choice for moving from a pure detection activity to a structured overseeing of the point of sale.

retail execution

More accurate data collection with Digital Merchandising

The module allows digital merchandising to be fulfilled through interactive questionnaires and the possibility of inserting multimedia. By promptly sending feedback to the offices, the response time for any detected problems at point of sale is minimised.

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Maximum functioning thanks to to-do lists

With the to-do list, the merchandiser organises and manages their commitments in complete autonomy through a guided path, avoiding delays in data collection activities and reducing oversights and inaccuracies passing from one task to another quickly and intuitively.

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Prompt response to in-store problems

Thanks to the real-time synchronisation of in-store data collection it is possible to intervene promptly in case of problems such as stock depletion and shelf facing that do not comply with the tight contracts with the large-scale retailers or exhaustion of stock in the warehouse. Being constantly active at the POS is a precious strategic lever which cannot be underestimated.

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Greater negotiating power with the large-scale retail market

A high-performance data collection system allows in-depth knowledge of customers and provides real data on which to base negotiations with the mass retail market.  Only with a widespread presence at points of sale, is it possible to establish strong relationships with the distribution interlocutors.

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Constant performance analysis

Metrics, graphs and performance indicators of execution at point of sale can be viewed both in the app, with real-time analytics, and from the offices, which has statistics of merchandiser data, updated in real-time. It is also possible to integrate the data with that collected by third-party field marketing companies.

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Image capture


Digital Merchandising


Guided to-do list


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