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    The tool that makes possible the idea of the “Perfect Store”

    Perfect Store


With Risorsa’s Perfect Store the company can achieve execution excellence with strategic planning of indicators and systematic performance measurement.

Upon completion of Retail Execution activities, the Perfect Store represents a path based on a set of KPIs that allows you, on the one hand, to maximise the ROI of planning promotions, assortments, pricing and shelf facing. Whereas, on the other, thanks to the calculation of the scores obtained from each survey, to identify and reward the points of sale that achieve the “Perfect Store” goal as well as to incentivize the best performing staff.

Perfect store app

Structured planning of KPIs

The Perfect Store solution allows you to define the KPIs to be collected systematically and to determine the priorities of the guidelines to be negotiated with large-scale retailers during the contractual phase. The defined measurement metrics are transmitted to tablets for prompt verification by the staff at the POS. The main areas to be tracked may be: promotions (Perfect Promo), shelf facing (Perfect Shelf), assortment mix (Perfect Range) and coverage merchandising (Perfect Trade Coverage).

  • Structured KPI planning

Realisation of the perfect execution

The various tools present in the Risorsa app, such as questionnaires and planogram management, are essential for the data collection of merchandisers and sales force, which can provide the right feedback to the headquarters, in order to intervene promptly on in-store problems and carry out, through this virtuous process, the perfect execution at the POS.

  • Structured KPI planning

Point of sale systematic survey

It is possible to plan all the executive activities at points of sale in a structured and systematic way by keeping the entire data collection process under control, ensuring maximum coverage of points of sale and managing on field personnel in a more simple and punctual manner.

  • Structured KPI planning

Simplified establishment of bonuses for the Perfect Stores

After having determined the KPIs, planned the activities and collected the data in a systematic manner, you can determine with a fully customisable accounting system which are the best performing stores and put them forward as a “Perfect Store”. This choice, in addition to fuelling the virtuous circle of perfect execution, contributes towards solidifying relationships with store managers and generating a win-win relationship with them.

  • Structured KPI planning

Constant performance monitoring of various POS

With real-time analytics and advanced reporting transferred directly to the back-end, the executive process can be constantly monitored. In this way, the planning of the KPIs to be detected, of the sales forces’ activity and of all execution actions, is performed on an analytical basis.

  • Structured KPI planning


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