The Medical module is the best solution for managing all medical and scientific information activities. Being able to use the app even when offline allows you to reach and make different visits without slowing down. The advanced management of the personal data gives the possibility to have various information about the doctor: from indications on various visits, to the receiving hours, to the management of the samples or trials.

Thanks to the flexibility of the agenda, it is possible to plan various appointments with doctors in a simple and intuitive way, organise group meeting presentation sessions and thus increase the productivity and effectiveness of a single visit.

With the independent management of the documentation it is possible to also sign the privacy consent directly from the tablet in order to keep the necessary documentation for the distribution of multimedia presentations profiled according to speciality and medical target.

360° management of the medical sales representative’s activities

With the Medical module the medical sales representative is able to manage their activities at 360°, thus maximising effectiveness. From; the organisation of visits with doctors, to the management of different types of visits and managing trials and samples lots, to automatic route calculation, to the integrated management of expense claims directly within the app itself.

    Captivating multimedia presentations and product portfolios

    It is possible to create multimedia presentations and, make them available in the app directly during visits, or save in the multimedia library. The material can be declined according to the doctor’s characteristics or qualities, such as, their area of speciality or interest.

      Integrated management of profiled medical records with segmentation and privacy

      Thanks to the advanced management of records, it is possible to trace essential information for a more effective management of the job, such as, different visits, receiving hours and the doctors’ specialisations. With questionnaires, the market can be segmented into areas of interest, all the while fulfilling the requirements for privacy management.

        Simplified organisation of medical meetings and conferences

        With the Medical module it is possible to organise events such as medical meetings or conferences, managing the entire process from invitations, to the collection of privacy consent, to individual event measurement, in accordance with EFPIA regulations, directly in the app.

          Accurate measurement of activity performance

          Through the Analytics dashboard and reporting it is possible to keep the performance of visits in the cycle monitored, consult data in real time and also analyse the sales and market trends for each geographical area. The reports are available both when in off-line mode and in the back-office when in web-mode.


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