The B2B E-commerce module allows you to have a fully-fledged multi-channel sales strategy. Through a Web platform it is possible to be in constant contact with customers and retailers, facilitating their order and payment process, through an extremely user-friendly interface which is integrated with the rest of the Risorsa suite

e-commerce b2b

Simple and intuitive online ordering

With the display of typical e-commerce products, placing orders becomes very simple and also immediate. Through the platform you have the possibility to suspend and resume purchase or return operations at a later time and also insert notes to communicate directly with the offices.

  • Online order taking

Presentation of captivating products

The profiled distribution of catalogues allows you to fully customise the experience and the direct relationship you have with the retailer. You can insert any type of file, pdf, video and photos in the catalogue, in order to make them truly communicative.

  • Online order taking

Constant contact with retailers by email, chat and push notifications

Thanks to the various communication systems, notifications, emails, chat etc, you can always remain in contact with retailers giving you the possibility of promptly sending them news on products and catalogues, promotions and particular sales conditions.

  • Online order taking

Immediate access to previous records

Keep tabs on the performance of orders and returns, so as to map the best performing retailers, products and sell-in strategies and analyse the results of sales within the various distribution channels.

  • Online order taking

Online payment for due invoices

The B2B module allows you to pay due invoices by connecting to online payment systems of the leading banks. To be agreed upon with the customer during the planning phase.

  • Online order taking


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virtual payments




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