Customer Sales Planning is a business planning tool that allows you to analyse the distributor’s forecast and consolidated budget data, integrating the various trade spending areas with those of finance. The result is an income statement respectfully put together by different customisable indicators and measures that are associated with three different levels of analysis.

It is the ideal tool for budget planning shared between different areas, Sales and Marketing Management, Sales, NAM, Demand Planning and Finance, in which approval workflows represent an essential requirement for the achievement of univocal data, shared in a short time and comparable with previous data.

Customer sales planning

Collaborative trade strategies

Univocal data communication, shared planning and collaboration between the different sales teams to minimise the dispersion of information and human error.

The responsibilities of the various company roles can be distributed through a hierarchical assignment system so that transparent planning of trade strategies can be managed.

  • Collaborative business strategies

Sales planning on an analytical basis

Customer Sales Planning integrates all sales data into a single platform, bringing together the information of the different modules of the suite and the company ERP in a single income statement created by customer or by product category.

Profitability, margins and investment simulations based on analytics are the foundations of trade planning.

  • Collaborative business strategies

100% configurable processes

Possibility to define the different levels of analysis (e.g. Division, Central, Customer, Product) on which to measure investments, determine the assortment for the period of the year, customise the KPIs to be kept under control and personalise the user areas of the divisions of expertise (Sales Support, Trade Marketing Manager, National and Key Account Manager) for data viewing and collaborative planning.

  • Collaborative business strategies

Advanced scenario simulations

The advanced simulation tool generates what-if scenarios for all trade events; product launches, promotions, assortments, pricing and listing fees. By testing the scenarios on the various sales channels, it is possible to reformulate and refine the planning for the subsequent periods.

  • Collaborative business strategies


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positioning analysis


positioning analysis


scenario simulation