The Contract Management module represents the best applicable solution for the management of off-invoice and promotional allowances; allowing you to accurately manage the progress of contracts signed with brands, calculate and liquidate the accrued and import automated payment flows.

Thanks to the integration with the Customer Sales Planning module, it is possible to simulate the effect of off-invoice allowances on the total of commercial expenses and constantly check the profitability of the various contractual agreements.

Greater control of contractual expenses

By constantly updating data, the company has an expense component, which is important during the course of the year, and is under control and can immediately intervene with any unlawful actions and can constantly monitor the profitability of the contract.

    Facilitated management of Targets, Bonuses and Liquidations

    With the Contract Management module, it is possible to manage the different types of conditional and unconditional contractual items (target, percentage, value) of the various customer hierarchies. Upon reaching a target, a bonus is released that is automatically liquidated. Contractual clauses are 100% customisable.

      Simulation of the trend of contractual costs

      The simulation tool allows you to formulate forecasts on the performance of contractual costs, make projections on turnover for a given period of time, study the profitability of the clauses and determine a more accurate spending budget.

        Minimal dispersion of promotional allowances

        By checking off-invoice promotional allowances during the course of the year, it is possible to minimise the dispersion of trade expenses and have valuable information available during the negotiation phase.

          Greater intergration between the various functions

          Through the help of authorisation work-flows and the integration with various suite modules, and with the company ERP, Contract Management optimises the work-flows between the different areas involved (finance, controlling, trade and sales) by minimising the time spent for verification and data adjustment.




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