The Brand Portfolio Management module is the strategic tool that allows you to simulate and apply the best product strategy, determine which KPIs to detect in the execution phase and evaluate with the integrated Listing Evaluation tool, the impact on Trade Spending of the launch of a new brand or product line at the point of sale. The assortment strategy, a key element during the sales planning process is integrated at 360° with the other suite modules, thus allowing constant alignment of data and global vision on product strategies.

Brand Portfolio Management

Optimised definition of the Brand Portfolio Strategy

The module allows you to plan the assortment strategy in terms of both depth and width, diversify the proposal by brand and type of store and define the shelf products planogram. With the Brand Portfolio Management module, different brands, assortment mixes and product launches are easily managed.

  • Optimized definition of the Brand Portfolio Strategy

Constant alignment of assortments with promotions

The planning of the assortments is very closely linked to the promotional strategy at point of sale. Thanks to the integration with the Trade Promotion Management module, it is possible to manage the two activities in a parallel and consistent way, thus maximising the commercial result.

  • Optimized definition of the Brand Portfolio Strategy

Precise evaluation of listing costs

With the listing evaluation tool, it is possible to plan the launch of a new product, line or brand at the point of sale with the support of accurate forecast data. The tool allows you to accurately assess the impact of the listing fee on trade spending and, thanks to the data on customer profitability derived from Customer Sales Planning, to calmly choose where to invest.

  • Optimized definition of the Brand Portfolio Strategy

Simplified planning of KPIs for execution

Once the assortment planograms have been planned at the various points of sale, it is possible to define the KPIs to be detected during the execution phase. The tool allows an intuitive and flexible management of the different measurement levers by assigning different priorities to the assortment products and the related performance indicators to be monitored.

  • Optimized definition of the Brand Portfolio Strategy

Monitoring assortment profitablity

The integration of the Retail Execution and Perfect Store modules allows you to monitor the assortment strategy and also make corrections according to promotion results. Thanks to the Analytics tool, you always have a complete view of the assortment profitability by period of the year, product categories and brands.

  • Optimized definition of the Brand Portfolio Strategy


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