The Risorsa Suite is an integrated technology platform that supports the sales process, covering the requirements that ERP alone, cannot satisfy. It is a modular and scalable tool that allows the management of trade spending planning and 360° management of trade processes in all distribution channels.

Sales Force Automation

Sales Force Automation

For a brand company that focuses on innovation and continuous growth, a sales force automation process is an essential step. The benefits are clear: + 64% productivity, +26% increase in sales and +18% orders. Mobile tools that speed up ordering from tablets and allow you to always have documents and indicators at hand, transform the seller into a real trade consultant, increasingly aligned with the company’s strategy.

Increase the productivity of your sales network with mobile sales tools also available offline.

Retail Execution

3 times out of 7 a consumer that does not find a product on the shelf decides to buy a similar one from another brand.

In Risorsa’s vision, strategy and execution are part of a single continuum and must therefore go well with each other in order to optimise sales performance.

A rapid and systematic monitoring of the store with image recognition, perfect shelf, digital merchandising and in-flight analytics tools allows you to beat the competition inside the point of sale.

Products that are always visible and available and merchandisers aligned thanks to tools that optimise your in-store marketing strategy.

retail execution application

Perfect Store

perfect store

Most Italian brands believe that systematic activities to manage the point of sale are essential, but few have already adopted adequate choices and tools. With Risorsa’s Perfect Store, you can achieve excellence in execution thanks to the strategic planning of KPIs and continuous performance measurement in terms of assortment, promotions, displays, etc.

With an integrated and user-friendly application ecosystem, you eliminate the distance between strategy and execution, aligning the sales force with new objectives and optimising the main trade levers.

Sporadic measurement activities are not enough to achieve perfect execution, innovative tools are needed instead to support clear strategies and quality actions at point of sale.

E-commerce B2B

The trade strategies of each sector are becoming increasingly omnichannel.

Precisely for this reason, every sales channel must be monitored, even the most modern and innovative, both with regards to the final consumer and to its own customers and retailers.

Risorsa’s B2B e-commerce is the online platform that makes retailers and points of sale completely autonomous in the reorder and payment process, in a way that is completely integrated with all other sales channels.

e-commerce b2b

Customer Sales Planning

customer sales planning

Markets with strong competitive pressure and an increasingly polarised distribution scenario, require from the brand industry, accurate planning of trade investments, that can count for up to 60% of the entire business turnover.

Unstructured tools and processes often mean misleading forecasts and failure to achieve objectives.

We at Risorsa are sure that a sole planning and monitoring tool, that integrates the different cost centres of  trade spending such as promotions and off-invoice allowances, with sales and turnover data, leads to full control of the marginality of each and every customer and faster strategic alignment.

Generate value with a unique, transparent and integrated sales plan for all those involved in the trade process.  

Trade Promotion Management

Worldwide, over 500 billion are invested annually for promotions, but only 41% of this amount is profitable. Therefore, a process to optimise the promotional lever becomes essential. The benefits speak clearly: +68% di ROI, -29% of time spent on planning and +39% of turnover.

The Risorsa Trade Promotion Management is the right choice for an efficient optimisation of the promotional lever, both in the phase of strategically defining the guidelines and, also in activities carried out in the retail outlet.

+39% of turnover thanks to the integrated and collaborative planning of promotions.

trade promotion management

Brand Portfolio Management

Brand Portfolio Management

In recent years the number of brands in the consumer goods sector has increased by 60%.

If once, Brand Portfolio Management, was not an essential tool because of the small number of brands managed by a company, today it has become a necessary strategic lever to guarantee the highest profitability of the assortment.

Risorsa solutions are the most authoritative choice for maximising assortment strategy results, by price and by sustainability assessments of the listing fee in the insertion of new products at point of sale.

The right assortment strategy is essential to increase the sales of the most profitable products, market share and visibility at point of sale.

Contract Management

The delicate relationships with the mass retail market foresees a series of subsidies (off-invoice allowances, bonuses, listing fees etc.) which cost the brand industry about 22% of the annual turnover.

In Italy, careful and integrated management of contractual agreements with ERP data is essential. With Risorsa’s Contract Management module, you can manage contractual clauses, simulate the impact on a customer’s budget, determine the premiums and plan the liquidation, all from a single integrated platform.

Maximum control of undue payments and increase in margins thanks to rapid and timely monitoring of contractual items.

contract management


Analytics is a tool embedded in the Risorsa modules that allows the display of data in the form of extremely versatile and easy to use customisable reports. Analytics was created to distribute both online and offline reporting to the sales forces’ tablets.

Instead, to deal with a complete Business Intelligence project, Risorsa relies on Decision Consulting, an expert consultancy within the sector, to undertake complete BI projects, both with the use of Analytics and together with the support of third-party software.